1st Period Play-by-Play

  Clark vs. WPI
  Date: Oct 29, 2013 • Site: Worcester, MA

1st Period Play-by-Play
[00:00]  Gabby Paolini at goalie for Clark.
[00:00]  Maddie Willer at goalie for WPI.
 Corner kick by WPI [04:27].
[04:46]  Shot by WPI Erin Bracken WIDE.
 Corner kick by WPI [09:29].
[11:36]  WPI substitution: Jane Bingel for Abbie McIninch.
 Corner kick by CLK [12:04].
 Foul on Clark.
[15:11]  Shot by WPI Emily Doherty WIDE.
[15:28]  GOAL by WPI Emily Doherty (FIRST GOAL), goal number 5 for season.
WPI 1, Clark 0
 *Dribble through the middle and shot from of the box into right corner
 Foul on Clark.
 Corner kick by WPI [21:25].
 Foul on WPI.
[25:10]  WPI substitution: Julia Macleod for Erin Bracken.
[26:18]  CLK substitution: Rose Koerner for Charlotte Mays.
[26:18]  CLK substitution: Kara Fischer for Lucia Pantuosco.
[26:18]  CLK substitution: Cristina Mendoza for Emily Braun.
[28:35]  Shot by WPI Julia Macleod, SAVE Gabby Paolini.
[29:16]  Offside against Clark.
 Foul on WPI.
[33:09]  Shot by CLK Afra Danai, SAVE Maddie Willer.
[33:34]  WPI substitution: Sarah Sawatzki for Jane Bingel.
[33:34]  WPI substitution: Meghan Hemond for Janine Fatal.
[35:20]  Shot by WPI Amanda Gatz, SAVE Gabby Paolini.
[35:47]  CLK substitution: Nikki Feinberg for Janelle Pasternack.
[37:13]  Shot by WPI Sarah Sawatzki, SAVE Gabby Paolini.
 Corner kick by CLK [39:10].
[39:45]  Shot by CLK Afra Danai WIDE.
[42:02]  Shot by WPI Sarah Sawatzki WIDE.
 End of period [45:00].
 For WPI: #2 Courtney Langley, #6 Jane Bingel, #7 Megan Forti, #10 Emily Doherty, #13 Janine Fatal, #12 Lynn Renner, #16 Kelly Ames, #22 Erin Bracken, #24 Natalie McMillan, #25 Jacqueline Lynch, #29 Maddie Willer.
 For CLK: #00 Gabby Paolini, #2 Tricia Wise, #4 Alex Easton, #8 Kelsey Ring, #9 Jenn O'Rourke, #11 Afra Danai, #12 Emma Lynch, #13 Janelle Pasternack, #18 Jenna Zarou, #22 Haley Connors, #26 Elizabeth Gomes.